We recently ramped up our investigation into Accent Group, a retail footwear conglomerate featuring brands such as Platypus, Skechers, Merrell, Timberland, HypeDC, The Athlete's Foot, Doc Martens, plus more.

We have spoken to a number of current and former workers across Australia and would now like to extend our investigations to include current and former Area Managers. We are still speaking with casual and permanent workers including floor workers and Store Managers and everyone in between.

We have questions about the pay conditions of workers and the culture of the company. We encourage workers and managers to read our Parliamentary Submission where we use Accent Group as a case study. You can read it here page 14.

It's important to know that Maddison Johnstone and Michael Fraser have been instrumental in ensuring wage theft and underpayment issues become a national discussion. Michael helped expose mass wage fraud at 7-Eleven, which was the catalyst for regulatory change and new laws protecting workers. Both Michael and Maddison have helped expose underpayment and exploitation at Domino's Pizza and Retail Food Group (Michel's Patisserie, Donut King, Brumby's, Gloria Jean's, etc). They continue their ongoing campaign to end wage theft and underpayment of workers across Australia by exposing underpayment and seeking redress for workers impacted through their business Wage Theft Australia.

Your conversations with us will be kept confidential. We are used to managing and dealing with whistleblowers, current or former workers, and strategising ways to expose a company engaged in misconduct.

Workers can email us securely at wagetheftaustralia@protonmail.com or feel free to contact our founders.

Know of another systemic issue? Contact us 24/7.

Published: 28 February 2021