Wage Theft Australia

Advocating for change

Wage Theft Australia advocates against the wage theft, underpayment and exploitation of workers industries-wide across Australia. We are not affiliated with any political party, union, or government.

We have helped expose wage theft at various brands, including:

Domino's Pizza
Michel's Patisserie
Donut King
Plus more

Employers continuously find themselves the subject of media scandals for underpaying their workers.
Unfortunately, industry groups use this as evidence that the wage laws are too complex, and wages need to be reduced. We know this isn’t the case, as these industry groups also say that the vast majority of employers don’t underpay their workers.

It’s also important to remember that large and ASX-listed companies have no excuse when underpaying their workers to the tune of millions of dollars. They are best placed to hire the most qualified and most experienced industrial relations professionals, and implement effective systems and processes to ensure staff are paid properly. Instead, they prioritise marketing, public relations, government relations, investor relations, and executive bonuses over ensuring they are adhering to wage laws.

At Wage Theft Australia, we aim to be a voice for workers.
We are not about demonising employers – we know it’s difficult to run a business (we are business owners too). It’s not ethical or fair for some employers to have lower prices and enjoy growth while underpaying their workers.

We’re all about making it a level playing field for businesses, and ensuring workers are being paid the correct wage. Industry insists if wages were lower, they could hire more people and create more jobs. This has been disproven by industry groups themselves.

Industry have already lobbied to cut penalty rates. It’s important workers stand up for themselves and their colleagues. With a good strategy, we can help you do this.

Want to get in touch as a worker?
If you’re aware of or impacted by wage theft, underpayment or exploitation, please contact us on our secure email: wagetheftaustralia@protonmail.com

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Please visit our research website: Diligence Research