Maddison Johnstone and Michael Fraser have been grassroots advocates for many years. They are industry-agnostic: their advocacy has spanned many different industries and sectors, in particular franchising, hospitality, retail, infrastructure, and cosmetic surgery. They are interested in expanding their advocacy work to other industries where companies are engaged in corporate misconduct. They are both able to be reached 24/7 on the phone numbers below.


Michael's advocacy started when he was assisting telecommunication customers struggling to be heard by Telecom giants. His first big advocacy break came in 2015 when he helped expose 7-Eleven for rampant wage fraud and exploitation of workers. He was featured in Four Corners and has become a trusted voice in the worker rights space ever since. Michael went on to help expose Domino's Pizza, Retail Food Group, Mortgage Choice, Transurban and various other companies for misconduct.


Maddison sidestepped out of journalism and into advocacy in 2016. Her interests in investigative research made her a natural fit to help expose companies for corporate misconduct. Maddison has helped expose a number of franchises for unprofitable models and wage theft, including Domino's Pizza, Retail Food Group, Mortgage Choice and others. As a consumer advocate, Maddison continues to research Transurban. She hopes consumers and workers can one day have a voice equal to industry giants.