Certified gym and fitness trainers across Australia have a unique working situation that isn't widely known or understood in the community. It might be legal, it might not (we're not lawyers). But we don't think it's ethical or fair for gym companies (some large companies, on the ASX, or part of multi-national franchise networks) to profit off of unpaid labour provided by gym trainers.

Even though the fitness industry is experiencing growth, trainers should not be the ones expected to provide free labour, or be underpaid, by their employer. There are a number of curious and strange conditions expected of trainers working at some gyms. We'd like to understand more about what kind of working environment gym trainers are exposed to, how much it costs them, and how systemic these issues are.

Particularly if you work for a large fitness chain, we'd like to hear from you. If we think there are systemic problems, we can see whether there's potential for action, or exposing industry issues. Your communication with us is confidential.

We know things aren't easy in the franchise sector. If you're a franchisee with a gym and are struggling with profitability, please reach out. We want both franchisees and franchisee workers to contact us so we can get a better understanding of what is happening. We have helped to expose underpayment, wage theft, exploitation, and also poor franchisee profitability all in the same networks. Think Domino's Pizza, 7-Eleven, and Retail Food Group. This is not about pitting workers against franchisees. But it's important workers speak up when they think they are being exploited.

Regardless of whether you are a franchisee or a worker, your conversations with us will be kept confidential.

Workers can email us securely at wagetheftaustralia@protonmail.com or feel free to contact our founders.

Know of another systemic issue? Contact us 24/7.

Published: 21 February 2021