For years, we have been advocating for your rights to be treated fairly by billion dollar, ASX-listed, multinational toll road company Transurban. You might know them as Queensland Motorways Management, go via or Linkt.

Right now, there is a Parliamentary Inquiry into toll roads in Queensland. This is not to be confused with last year’s Inquiry into the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER).

Transurban will be using this inquiry to promote their business, their technology, their processes and their initiatives. It is extremely important that you, as consumers, understand the power your story has in creating positive change. This will be more effective than posting on Facebook — this is about collectively strengthening motorists’ position when it comes to being treated fairly by toll road giants.

This can only be done if you write your story in a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry.

You have the chance to share your story about how Transurban has impacted you, paying specific attention to the following considerations:

(a) the operation of existing toll roads in South-East Queensland;

(b) toll pricing and incentive options to deliver better outcomes for Queenslanders;

(c) the operation of the existing complaint process and current statistics;

(d) possible measures to continue to improve customer service standards; and

(e) the existing relationship between the Tolling Customer Ombudsman and the
Queensland Ombudsman.

It is really easy to make a submission to this inquiry. If you have been complaining about excessive tolls, egregious fees, poor customer service, and/or misconduct, this is a real way for you to be heard.

Other aspects you may wish to consider including in your submission:

  • If lawyers have pursued you for alleged debt owed to Transurban, Queensland Motorways Management (QMM) or other related entity
  • If you have a judgment against you because of alleged debt owed to Transurban, QMM or other related entity
  • If debt collectors have pursued you for alleged debt owed to Transurban, QMM or other related entity
  • If debt collectors or lawyers or another party engaged by Transurban (or related entity) have harassed, threatened or otherwise been aggressive towards you
  • If your business was wound up as a result of action by Transurban, QMM or other related entity, and
  • Your experience with the Tolling Customer Ombudsman and/or the Transurban Customer and Communities Advocate.

Please remember:

Don’t swear
Don’t lie
Don’t abuse any person or entity, including the company, government, media, or people directly involved in your matter
Don’t provide a copy of your submission to any person or entity, until it has been published by the Committee

This is your chance. Don’t waste it.

Make a submission HERE. You have until 4pm, 7 August 2018.

Published: 13 July 2018